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August 3, 2010 / achanguris

Greece 2010 – On Andros 2

Inadvertant words of wisdom from my dear sister-in-law Andrea on this, our last full day of our stay on Andros Island, Greece.

[Let’s go get coffee] after snack, before nap.

Ahh, reminds me of kindergarten… in a decidedly wonderful way.

Any day you can make plans around snack- and nap-times is a great (not to mention well-prioritized) day.

We’ve lived this past week moment-to-moment. Reveling in the fact that we’re free to check the time, but it doesn’t matter what time it actually happens to be. I’ve finished one book and flown halfway through another. We’ve alternated basking in the intense Greek sunshine and cooling off in the clear pristine waters off Batsi. We’ve enjoyed light lunches of tomato and cucumber salads, cheese and bread. Naptime.

Tomorrow evening we’ll leave Andros for a brief stop on Mykonos before catching the early ferry to Ios. I hope we can take this utterly-relaxed, care-free feeling along for the journey.

It’s such an indulgent feeling, knowing we’ll still be here in Greece for another week. As Harry predicted, I may never take a single-week vacation again!

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