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May 30, 2010 / achanguris


You know what I love most about this whole Social Media thing? You guessed it (perhaps by the title of this blog entry) — value.

I love knowing that I can contribute all of the lessons I’ve learned (read: trial and error) and learn so much from the many, many people who have been working in the social sphere for so much longer. I’m continually surprised when my Social Media efforts on the work side of things are cited as “good” or even “great” — the Facebook site I maintain for Frederick Memorial Healthcare System has even been cited at a local conference I attended and, more recently, in a webinar from Pride Philanthropy.

Just this week, one of my blog entries for FMH — which encourages the use of sunscreen and other methods to reduce the risk of skin cancer — caught the attention of the Director of the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention.  He called my work number and left me a very kind message thanking me for getting the message out there.  In case you missed it, Friday May 28th was “Don’t Fry Day” — get it?  That’s my goal for this weekend — no sunburn.

The best part about all of this is that I’m not a “big deal” — I’m figuring all of this stuff out as I go (just like everyone else).  In a sea of gurus, experts and sherpas I’m more than happy to ride the wave and learn from everyone around me.  I love that parts of the social media universe work that way.  I love the people I’ve met through these efforts (that link will get you to some of them, but certainly not all).  I love being in the middle of something that’s growing and changing at a rate that encourages me to learn something new just about every day.

For a post with a title like “Value”, this may not provide a great deal to you — but if you’re willing to put the time in to look, I know you can find the value in Social Media.

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